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Lex-1000The new generation lens edging system that meets the demands of the times.
Lens edging has changed radically over the last few years. The number of high-base wrap frames continues to be on the rise, with grooving on high-curved  lenses becoming more common as well. Frames with increasingly small “B” dimensions are also in fashion and there is a real challenge in processing those lenses.

Sophisticated coatings such as superhydrophobic and anti-reflective have become the norm in the past few years. Rimless drill mounts with twin holes, rectangular holes, and notches continue to be popular.To meet all these demands and more, we introduce the Lex System. The only edging system designed to keep up with evolving lens technology and frame styles.
Direct Drive Lens Rotation
The Lex1000 is designed with the most advanced CAD (Computer Aided Design) techniques. A direct driven gearing system ensures stable cylindrical axis with every cut. An integrated stabilizer keeps the chucking pressure consistent, yet without harming lens coatings.

The Lex1000 features a specially designed grooving wheel which achieves a superior groove quality with “pin-point” accuracy. A reduced groove wheel diameter, set at the optimal angle, grooves high-base curve lenses flawlessly.
Newest Lens Material Processing

The Lex1000 can process the newest of lens materials, including polyurethane lenses used for sunglass wear.
Advanced Soft Grinding Mode
The Lex1000 features an Advanced Soft Grinding Mode, the most advanced technology for processing coated lenses. This technology monitors the grinding pressure and maintains it at an optimal level throughout the entire cycle to eliminate axis shift.
“Whisper Quiet” Operation
The noise level on the Lex1000 is extremely low due to the use of new direct drive gear material. The grinding chamber lid seal provides a noise barrier which also helps significantly. The low volume is maintained throughout all edging cycles, so lenses can be processed with “Whisper Quiet” operation.
Automatic Grinding Chamber Door
The motorized door opens and closes automatically - no need to manually operate the door.
Integrated Job Tray
Frame and lens can be conveniently stored in the Lex1000's built-in job tray.
USB Memory Port
Saved shapes and patterns can be transferred from a PC to the Ice1000 Blocker. You can then transfer the data back to the Lex1000. Data management is easy and flexible.
Water Consumption Reduction
When a lens edger is connected to direct water, there is a large amount of water consumed. With the Lex1000 the amount of water used is reduced by 40%* *applicable when processing CR39 or high index lenses.
Built-in Barcode Reader (Optional)
The Lex1000's integrated barcode reader saves lab space and streamlines the lens finishing process.
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